How to make a great cover of Jean-Michel Basquiat

By FRANCOIS BACON, Associated PressAUGUSTA, Maine (AP) It’s a time of good music, but what about the good music of your favorite artists?It turns out, you can find the good art by tracing their style and making your own cover.And if you’re not familiar with Basquiadis, the French painter who created so many of the […]

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Francis Bacon on the power of his art and the power behind the lights

Francis Bacon is a light artist.He’s an artist that uses light to illuminate a scene or create a scene.He was born in London and now lives in England.His works are known for the way they reveal the world around them.When he’s not working on his own lights, he enjoys watching the movies and reading, or […]

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Artist, songwriter, composer and vocalist of Hamilton, Henry Bacon, dies at 90

FRANCIS BACON, a vocalist, song writer and composer, was the star of the musical Hamilton and the founding member of the pop-country band, HER ARTIST, from 1974 until his death at the age of 90 on Saturday.In addition to performing as Her, Bacon sang in Broadway musicals such as It’s a Wonderful Life and A […]

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What’s the deal with Francis Bacon?

Francis Bacon, the singer-songwriter whose early career spanned from the ’60s to the ’90s, is one of the most revered figures in contemporary rock.A member of the Grateful Dead, he’s also an important force in the pop culture landscape.The New York Times reported on Friday that the Grammy-nominated artist’s label, MGMT, has signed on to […]

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