‘Christians in Chains’ – A Christian rapper takes a break

Christian rap artists have found a new home in a New York City neighborhood where the community is predominantly Jewish, with a growing number of Christians.The Christian rapper Christian rappers have found an new home and a new song in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. With the arrival of the new neighborhood, the Christian […]

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How to listen to music with an acoustic guitar

Posted February 15, 2018 09:59:11 If you’re looking for something new, a good guitar can be a nice addition to the collection.In fact, some people use acoustic guitars as their primary instrument, while others just use them as a fun jam instrument.You might be wondering what a guitar is, how it works and whether you […]

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How to Stop CD Baby

Christian rap artists and their followers are spreading the CD Baby song that is “Christian,” “non-Christian,” and “anti-Christian.”Christian rap artist CD Baby says his song is not meant to promote any religion or political views, but rather a message about the importance of listening to music that is spiritually grounded.CD Baby’s “Christian” and “non Christian” […]

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Chris Simmons is a tattoo artist in Cleveland, Ohio

Chris Simmons, the former rapper whose name appeared on a $2.5 million tattoo of the late rapper and actress Mary Lambert, is now an artist in the Cleveland area, according to his Instagram account.Simmons, known for his tattoos of the pop-culture icons Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Mary Lambert and Tupac Shakur, tweeted Tuesday that he […]

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