Basquiat Artist Named Top Artist at the 2017 MOCA Awards

Basquia is a Brazilian rapper, producer and musician whose debut album, One Manga, was released in 2016.It was nominated for a 2017 Grammy Award for Best R&b/Hip-Hop Album.He also received a nomination for Best Artist for One Manga.His album was nominated in the 2017 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album.In 2017, he was inducted into […]

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How to create a female-driven music business card and card design

The woman behind the popular Female Artist Music Card business card is now on the verge of a new wave of growth after selling her company to a global brand agency.Sandra McLean, a former graphic designer who started her own design company called Design Me, says her latest card will be the first of its […]

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Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert and the most important person in the world

Donald Trump and Stephen Colbert have become the most popular American comedians of all time.The two-time Emmy-winning host and the Emmy-nominated Colbert have been on the air for nearly six decades, making them the only two American entertainers to have appeared on multiple episodes of The Late Show and the Colbert Report.Both men are also […]

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Canadian rappers in the black in 2016: Canadians make big strides

The 2016 election of President Donald Trump and the rise of neo-Nazis have stoked tensions among the black community in Canada.The most recent example of this was in Quebec City, where a white nationalist group called the National Front called for the burning of the Quebec flag and attacked an Indigenous community gathering.The far-right group, […]

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Artist’s bluff: What does Dali say about art?

Artist’s flattery?The phrase ‘I don’t know’ has become a cliché, but it isn’t new to the art world.But what does DALI say about it?We sat down with artist Richard Coyle, to find out.First things first: Richard Coyne, is Richard Collingwood, from New Zealand, an artist?Richard Coyle says yes.I’ve always been interested in art, but I […]

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