What does indie rock mean to you?

What does “indie” mean to your listeners?

It means different things to different people, but the thing that’s always been clear to me is that it’s a place for people who want to have a say in the future of music and the way music is made.

It’s the place where the future belongs.

It used to be that a lot of the stuff that you hear in the indie rock scene is about being a part of the mainstream.

Now, there are people who are making it, and a lot more people who have a sense of ownership in the music that they’re making.

But that doesn’t mean that indie rock isn’t still the thing people think of.

The things that people are talking about are the things that indie bands are making.

And if you’re not making those things, it’s not really an indie band.

There are some people who do that.

And there are some that don’t.

So, if you think about it, indie rock is the thing of the future.

The thing that we’re going to do with the music is really important to us, and we are making our own music, which is why it’s called indie.

It was important for us to put that on the record, and it’s important for you to read that because I think that there is a lot that’s really important that we don’t really have time to talk about.

So let’s get to it.

Let’s start with the very first album that I think you probably heard on NPR: the first single from the band that became indie rock’s most famous band, the New Pornographers.

In fact, it was the first album to come out of that band.

And it’s pretty much the very definition of a classic indie song.

It features an acoustic guitar, a bass line that sounds like it’s been hammered into the ground, a few vocals, and lots of guitars.

But the song itself was written by the band members, and they played the song live to an audience of New Pornography fans at their home in Los Angeles.

The album was recorded in late 2004.

It came out of a two-year hiatus that included recording new material, and the band played a couple shows, one at a club and another at a hotel in downtown L.A. It didn’t have much of a following at the time, but it did sell more than the other albums in the band’s discography.

What were the expectations for that?

The band was always expected to be a very indie band, and I think they were expecting to be very different from most of the other indie bands out there.

I mean, the thing about indie rock bands is that they really aren’t about being able to make the most of what you have, you know, the biggest stars.

They’re about being the next band on the block.

They are kind of the first band on that block.

So the expectations were, in a sense, higher for that one.

And, you could argue, in some ways, that it was more ambitious and different than what other indie rock acts were doing.

It really was the band trying to do something completely different from what they were doing, and also being more creative and doing something that had a very different vibe to it than other indie acts that were going on at the moment.

But what’s interesting is that when they recorded that album, they were not just writing music.

They were actually recording live with a band of people who were making music.

And the band was doing the recording with a computer, and that’s where they got a lot, a lot different ideas.

But they were also really trying to write music, and you know the band kind of just threw up their hands and said, “We can’t just make records, we can’t make songs, we have to do the recording, the editing, the mixing, and all the rest of it.”

But that was just what they had on hand.

The recording of the record was recorded with a lot less equipment than the first record, because they were just putting together the recording.

But I think the record itself is the kind of record that’s most likely to get played.

And that’s probably the kind that the people who hear the first New Pornographer record and immediately think, “Oh, that’s just an indie record,” will hear and think, Well, maybe, but I guess I can’t really tell the difference between the two.

It just seems like there was just something about the way the recording was done, and not just the fact that the band had a computer and a sound system.

And what you heard was the way that the recording itself was made.

You know, it felt like the band just took the song, recorded it, mixed it, rerecorded it, played it live, and then played it back to an auditorium.

And they just did that without any help from a studio, so that was kind of what it felt as if they were trying

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