The 10 worst offenders in the NFL: 10 of the worst players

There’s a reason why a good number of NFL players have become so notorious over the years.

Many are accused of crimes ranging from marijuana possession to assaulting opposing players, but some are also accused of violating other rules of the game, which is why they’ve become the subject of an endless list of laws.

Below is a look at some of the most notorious offenders in football history.

We don’t have any way to confirm whether or not any of the players have ever actually been convicted of any of these offenses, but a good portion of the list is a testament to the fact that players can be convicted and have their careers end with a slap on the wrist.

The 10 worst offensesIn the 1970s, a former San Francisco 49ers star was caught on videotape beating a man during a fight in a bar.

The player’s punishment was suspended for one game, but the league found him guilty of assault on a police officer.

This was the last time a player was convicted of such an offense.

The following year, former Cleveland Browns star defensive end George Seifert was found guilty of assaulting a woman and sentenced to three years probation.

He spent three years in prison.

A year later, former Detroit Lions star defensive tackle Johnathan “Bud” Stokes was sentenced to two years in jail after allegedly grabbing a woman by the throat and punching her in the head during a bar fight.

Stokes had also been charged with domestic violence and assault.

In 1974, a Georgia State University student was arrested after he punched a woman in the face and knocked her unconscious in a club parking lot.

The woman suffered a broken jaw and fractured cheekbone.

She later died from her injuries.

A week later, a Florida man was convicted after he choked a woman during a drunken fight at a bar in Fort Lauderdale.

The man was later sentenced to six months in jail and three years of probation.

In 1974, he was convicted for aggravated battery after he hit his girlfriend in the nose.

The next year, a Los Angeles Rams star was convicted on domestic battery charges after he grabbed his girlfriend’s arm and tried to strangle her.

The former Rams player was sentenced for five years in state prison and 10 years of supervised probation.

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