What’s the deal with the Bones of Bone Machine’s wife?

The BONES OF BONES are the first of a series of collaborations between Bone Machine and their artist, Nona.

The project features collaborations with artists such as Yung Lean, Bucky Lusso, Rude Awakening, and many more.

The first collaboration, titled “BONES OF DEATH” was released in early 2018, featuring collaborations with YungLean and BuckyLusso.

“I always feel like the Bone Machine are the most underrated and under-appreciated artists on the whole planet,” Nona said in an interview with HipHopDX.

“I’m just lucky that I have some friends and a network of people to collaborate with.

I’m not afraid to do that and it’s been great.”

Nona is currently busy finishing up her third album, and it was a good decision to collaborate on “Bones Of Death.”

“I feel like this album is a culmination of all of my experiences and all of the pain I’ve been through and I’ve dealt with in my life,” she said.

“This album was really about me feeling like I have my whole life behind me and how much I love it.”

She explained that she was also able to take time off to focus on her career and how she was trying to move on from her experiences.

“I’m very proud of the album,” she continued.

“It was my idea to create it.

I wanted to put out a collaborative record that was a celebration of my life.

I want it to be something that I will treasure forever.”

You can find the Bones Of Death album on Bone Machine Facebook page.

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