Why the city tattoo artist palette needs to change

Chicago is a tattooing capital.

Its a city where a good number of tattoo artists are not just out there to create work, but to make money.

In fact, a lot of artists have made a living out of their craft, and it’s a trend that has taken off in recent years.

But why is this trend growing so quickly?

It’s not just a trend for artists who have money, but for everyone in the tattoo community, and its something that has really caught the eye of the tattoo industry, especially as it pertains to artists who do not make much money.

For the past few years, Chicago has been seeing a resurgence in local artists.

And in 2017, that trend is only expected to continue.

There’s been a lot going on in the city, and a lot happening in the art community.

There are plenty of great local artists and a slew of artists from outside of Chicago that are bringing their craft to the forefront.

The artists, of course, include artists from across the globe, including many from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Here are some of the most notable names who are bringing this talent to the area, and what it means to them.

Chaz Dierkes Chaz is a 23-year-old tattoo artist who is based in Chicago.

His work is in the area of graffiti, urban art, and the creation of collages.

In 2017, Chaz had the honor of becoming the inaugural recipient of the Chicago Tattoo Artists Guild’s Ink Award.

He received the award for his work on the walls of Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, which is home to many artists, including the likes of Tatsunoko and Kato Kaelin.

Chz won the award by being one of only four artists to be chosen from each of the four categories.

Chats artwork is a blend of graffiti and contemporary art that has a strong and consistent visual and tactile element to it.

His style is characterized by a strong, energetic expression, but also by a sense of balance and restraint.

Chies work has received a lot attention in recent months, with his work garnering a lot more attention than he did when he was younger.

His latest work, titled “A Little Love”, which is a collaboration with Tatsanoko, was recently featured in the Chicagoist, and he has also been featured in a number of local and national publications.

Chie is a 27-year old tattoo artist based in the suburbs of Chicago.

He is one of the youngest tattoo artists in the state, with a history of being in the industry for almost a decade.

His artwork is typically inspired by his own upbringing in the Midwest, as well as his interest in the American Dream.

Chiel has been working in the Tattoo Industry for almost two years, and has been doing so as part of the Tattoos and Ink Show at the CTA Blue Line Station in the suburb of Wheaton.

His new tattoo project, called “Gift of Love”, features a beautiful illustration of the woman holding the gift of love.

It’s a piece that Chiel is currently working on for his upcoming project, “The Heart of the World”, which he is currently finishing up.

His art is a mixture of graffiti art, modern art, illustration, and photography.

Chios art is more of a collage than a full tattoo, with Chios drawing on a chalkboard in order to illustrate a piece.

His collages are often inspired by the artist’s own personal experiences, as a result of the city’s history of racial and economic inequality.

His collection of artwork includes the work of many of the artists featured on Chicago’s Artforum and Tats.

Chio is a 25-year veteran of the industry, and works in the Austin area.

Chiostros work focuses on collage, with its ability to evoke a sense that you’re being taken apart.

His tattoo work is typically a mixture between contemporary art and graffiti.

Chiostros has had his work featured in local, national, and international publications.

His newest work, “Disco,” is a collages piece featuring an all-over mural on the wall of a house that he and his partner own in Austin.

Chios work is an homage to the Mexican culture and is often found in large murals on the sides of buildings.

Chiocs work is often inspired and influenced by a combination of graffiti culture and Mexican culture, as his work is a mix of traditional and contemporary artists.

Chin is a 29-year senior in college who lives in the South Loop.

He started tattooing in his freshman year of college.

In addition to the large mural that he is working on right now, Chin also has a large collage of his own work that has recently been featured on the Austin Chronicle, which he has been visiting frequently.

He has been a regular tattooist for nearly a decade, and his collection of work is diverse, with pieces ranging from coll

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