How to create an art-style in your video game

Rich Hamilton is one of the most acclaimed video game artists of the last decade.

With his work on Battlefield 3, he’s also one of our top ten most sought-after artists, with work that’s earned him a spot in our list of the top 100 most influential people in video games.

We spoke to Hamilton to find out more about his work, what he thinks of the modern art world, and how to use your skills in video game art to tell stories.

I think it’s important to understand the medium as a whole, rather than just the creators.

I think the thing that’s important is to understand how people are able to make things in a way that is unique to their particular medium, but still retain their individuality and their sense of style, and it’s also important to make sure that people aren’t just copying your style.

And that’s not necessarily the case with artists.

You can be very successful in making something that’s a really unique style, but it’s not a very good example.

I grew up in England, and my parents would buy me books about things, like Shakespeare, and they’d tell me about a character or a place that was unique.

My mum would go into a museum, and she’d pick out all the people that she thought were unique.

She was just like, “Look, look at this man.

He’s not doing this.”

I was an artist, too.

I went to a theatre, and there was a man who painted himself, which I thought was very different from my mum.

I thought it was just amazing.

But then I went back and did a video game.

The first time I played a video games was when I was a kid, and I was really drawn to the first one.

I was in a band and I’d done a demo, and the guy who was playing the guitar in the demo was like, I’m playing this song that’s called ‘I Am The Walrus,’ and I think I’m gonna go, “Oh my god!”

I was like [mock surprise] “Oh, my god, I can do that!”

I started out doing just drawing and then I got more into it, and when I did a project like this one, it was really hard, because I had to draw this whole area with the guitar, and if I drew a wall, then I’d have to draw a wall again.

I’d also have to paint the background, and you can’t paint the walls, you have to make them with paint.

I had these huge areas that were really big, and then, of course, when I put a little bit of stuff in there, I couldn’t do it in the same way, so the result was that I ended up creating a huge, huge area.

I have this very large room, and sometimes I can’t do that with the way I want to draw it.

And so I ended my first video game project with this room that’s like a giant, massive area, because it was a lot of work to do all that work.

I also think that it’s the fact that you’re creating things that are unique, or something that isn’t quite the same thing that people are used to.

There’s a lot more to what’s happening in the world, in terms of how people communicate with each other and with their surroundings, and what it means to be alive.

That’s where video games really come into it.

People love to talk about the camera angle, but they don’t know that the camera is actually in front of them.

That camera angle can change the whole way that they see.

I’m very interested in how video games can be used to communicate.

They can also be used as a way of showing off and of making people look at you, and making you feel like you’re special.

I try to create worlds that are really interesting, and people can see that.

They like the idea that you can be really interesting.

I’m a very emotional person, so I’m drawn to things that show that emotion.

When I was very young, I would draw things and then when I got older I would do them in a different way.

I would try and do them really differently.

I always loved to draw animals, and that was really my hobby.

When my wife and I were making the first Battlefield, we had a little animal room, because there was this little room in the basement that had a lot that animals would like to play in it.

It was a very quiet place, and we wanted a room where we could play.

And we found that it was an amazing room, with lots of light, and lots of stuff to play with.

And when we were working on the game, we were playing around with the environment, and some of the stuff we drew was in there.

I like the fact I’m creating these different, very different worlds, so that people can have different experiences

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