How the ‘flaming’ artists of the ’80s got to be so cool again

Posted March 05, 2019 11:17:27If you think the 80s were all about the disco, you’re right.

But a new generation of pop stars and a handful of young musicians are doing something completely different: making fun of disco.

A decade on, the 1980s are now a golden age for pop culture, but that golden age has also produced some of the most irreverent and weird pop music ever made.

Take Christina Aguilera.

For the past decade or so, she has been releasing her own dance music, and while she has made it clear that she is not into disco, her new single, ‘Flaming,’ features a dancing disco ball, and it’s one of the funniest and most memorable moments in pop music history.

In a sense, it’s a fitting metaphor for what happened during the 80ies: The disco explosion, and its attendant musical and political turmoil, ushered in a new age of cool.

The 80s and the disco revival The 80s brought the era of disco into the mainstream.

It was a period when there was an incredible amount of crossover between styles and artists.

It felt like the world had changed and that a new, more mainstream way of seeing things was in order.

It also coincided with the emergence of a new music industry: rock music.

The 1980s saw a resurgence in the popularity of disco and pop music.

But this was a decade that also saw a huge surge in political unrest.

The US had just elected its first black president, Ronald Reagan.

The rise of the right wing, led by the neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan, was a catalyst for much of the turmoil in the US.

In the wake of Reagan’s election, the US became the first country in history to ban all political advertising.

The era of the Reagan Revolution was over.

The disco boom and its aftermathIn the late ’80 and early ’90s, the popularity and influence of disco started to fade.

It began to fall away in the United Kingdom, where the disco boom was in its final throes, but it was in Germany and Scandinavia that disco was back in vogue.

This time, however, it was not only in these countries but in many other parts of the world.

The rise of dance musicThere were three main reasons for the rise of hip-hop and pop in the 1990s.

One was the proliferation of dance parties.

The other was the growing popularity of hip hop music.

Hip-hop is not a dance genre, and there are no dance parties in hip-hip.

But there are dance parties and parties that are.

Hip hop, in particular, is about breaking out of the comfort of the dancefloor.

There are music videos where rappers dance to hip-hoppers songs.

These videos became the template for the pop-dance phenomenon that came to be known as the ’90c.

Pop music also began to take on a more mainstream, mainstream sound.

For example, the sound of electronic music in the mid-’90s was so prevalent that it had a profound effect on pop music and on the way people saw the world, particularly in America.

The early ’00s also saw the rise and fall of punk rock.

It’s a genre of music that’s not usually associated with pop music but that was really, really important to the people who were into it.

In all of this, pop music had been influenced by dance music.

That’s because dance music was more about the physical movement of the body than the music itself.

So pop music often uses music videos to tell a story that is more of a visual than a musical one.

Pop artists and pop culture in generalIn the 1980 and ’90, the rise in popularity of pop music also coincided closely with the rise, in some cases, of punk.

The ’90 trend of “punk rock” came about when bands like Nirvana and the Stooges started to play live.

And that kind of music was about the emotional journey of a group of young, self-destructive, nihilistic people.

The popularity of this kind of band was so huge, in part because it was seen as the antidote to the decadence of the 1980-90s.

In order to promote the ‘cool’ side of punk, the media embraced punk as the new music to follow.

The bands that were embraced the most were Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine.

The punk scene in the ’70s and ’80ies was also dominated by the band Public Enemy.

In the ’00’s, however a new wave of punk bands like The Strokes and Alice Cooper took over.

Punk became cool.

In many ways, pop stars in the late 1990s and early 2000s were the poster children for pop music in general.

But they were also the targets of mockery, particularly on social media.

The most notable examples of pop culture that has taken a satirical turn are Taylor Swift, Beyoncé,

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