A rare glimpse of the Australian artist who used to draw a horse

A rare look at the life and work of Australian artist Tom Chantrey, whose drawings are so rare they’re on display at the Australian National Portrait Gallery.

The life and art of the prolific Australian artist has been showcased in the exhibition at the National Portraits Gallery in Canberra.

The exhibition includes Chantre’s paintings of a black-and-white horse, which is the subject of a photo essay by journalist, artist and writer, David Fauchter.

The horse was commissioned by the Chantres in 1967.

In an interview published in the March 1972 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald, Chantrex said he was “somewhat of a collector”.

“He bought the horse to be a symbol of the country’s pride,” Mr Fauchanter told The Sunday Age.

“I suppose I could see him looking at a horse, and thinking it would be good for the country.”

Mr Faucheter said Mr Chantreys artistic background included a painting of the Ulysses on the front of his home in Perth, and a large number of photographs and drawings of his works in the studio.

“He has a strong background in photography and a strong interest in painting,” Mr Phelan said.

“His photographs are very striking and his work is really remarkable.

He’s one of those people who really brings a lot of colour to his work.”

Mr ChantREX: “I used to be an artist, so I used to get all sorts of photographs taken by me when I was growing up,” Mr Chanteres wife of almost 60 years, Livia Chantri, told the Sunday Age in a phone interview from their home in Western Australia.

“And I used a lot.

And I was very creative.

I’d put up a couple of canvases and a couple more of them I’d go to a paint shop and I’d buy the whole set of them.”

The only problem I had was with the horses and the horse’s head, so my wife Livia went out and bought the head and I took the horse in for it, put it in a headstand and it was very good.

“Ms Chantrice said her husband had painted a large amount of horse paintings in his time, and was always looking for ways to make a statement.”

My husband was always saying ‘what do I do with the horse?’

I said ‘well you can paint a horse,'” she said.

The Australian National Museum of Aboriginal Art curator of Aboriginal art and cultural heritage, Tom Chane, said it was a rare opportunity for Mr Chants work to be shown in Canberra, despite it being on display for a long time.”

Mr Cane told The Australian the exhibition also includes work by Australian illustrator Peter Lippert.””

Tom Chantrea’s paintings are very unique and there’s a real appreciation for them.”

Mr Cane told The Australian the exhibition also includes work by Australian illustrator Peter Lippert.

“Peter Lippet, who is a very famous illustrator, was an Australian illustrators favourite artist,” he said.

Mr Lippe is a master of surrealism, surrealism is a genre of art which explores the surreal, or the unknown, or beyond what is natural and what is normal.

“Tom and I have worked together for over 30 years,” Mr Lippre said.

He said Mr Littert was “very good at making these characters very surreal and very different to the rest of us”.

“The thing about this is that he’s very good at using his mind and drawing this fantastical world,” Mr Gann, who worked on the show with Mr Lizzert, said.

Ms Chancere said Mr Fauschter was “a great artist, a great friend, a very good friend”.

“I just love the fact that Tom has been able to give us a glimpse of what his life was like,” she said in an interview with The Sunday Independent.

“It’s amazing to be able to see his work and his paintings and the fact he was such a great artist.”

The Chantrie family, from Perth, is a traditional farming community, with a history dating back thousands of years.

They were part of the early settlement of the area, when they first came to the region and settled in the area in the 18th century.

They began to live in the town of Gisborne around the turn of the 20th century, and eventually moved to Melbourne in the 1960s, and started a farm.

In 2006, Mr Chanceres wife, Lisi, died at the age of 82.

Mr Chantere said his mother, who died in 1995, had been a member of the Chanteries family for generations.

“She’s really a legend,” he told The Independent.

Mr Fauschanter said the Chantes had “one of the most amazing families in the world”.

“They were always

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