The most popular artists on Twitter after the election

The most-liked Twitter artists of the first month after the U.S. election are mostly from the countrys largest citys biggest sports team, according to a new study.

While the most-popular artists on social media are typically from the biggest cities, the most popular Twitter artists in Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston and San Diego are also mostly from major sports teams, the researchers found.

Among the artists with the most tweets in the first six months of the new year are the rapper Mumble Rap Artists, rapper D.R.A.M., singer/songwriter Miley Cyrus, rapper/actor Kendrick Lamar, rapper Jay-Z and musician Lil Wayne.

“The most popular athletes and musicians in Minneapolis and Detroit, and the most favorite artists of Minneapolis’ NFL team, were also the most successful performers on Twitter,” said lead author Kevin O’Brien, a researcher with Nielsen.

The findings are based on data from the analytics firm iRobot and Nielsen.

It includes tweets from nearly 3 million users, with the majority of tweets being from Twitter users between Jan. 6 and Jan. 19.

The researchers found that Mumble rappers were the most frequently retweeted among the top 10 most popular tweets.

In addition, they have been the most retweeted by the top 100 most popular Tweets.

The most retweeting tweets also accounted for the most of the most tweeted hashtags.

The most-mentioned musicians are also among the most talked about.

The artist who has the most Twitter followers is the rapper Kendrick Lamar with more than 6 million.

The rapper Miley, who has more than 3 million followers, also has been the subject of much attention after being arrested at an Atlanta concert on Aug. 10.

Other popular artists that have more than 500,000 Twitter followers are singer-songwriter Beyonce, pop singer Justin Bieber, singer-actress Rihanna, actress Jessica Chastain and singer-actor Russell Brand.

The authors said it is important to note that the most viewed tweets are those that are most retweetned.

They noted that while Twitter users may have a different idea of the number of people listening to a song, a song has been viewed more than 50 million times on Twitter.

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