Banksy art artist blocks bank account

Banksy artist Gavin McInnes is refusing to pay his $1.8m court judgment in the case, and the High Court has been hearing arguments over whether to grant the artist’s appeal.

Mr McInnis is challenging the order to cease and desist, arguing that he has not been given a chance to pay, and is now forced to take his case to court.

A court has already ordered him to pay $724,000 in compensation to the victims of his artworks and other claims, but he is arguing that his claim is still too small to satisfy the court.

The artist is now blocking his bank account.

He is seeking a further order to pay the damages and costs, which are estimated at between $10m and $15m.

If granted, the order would stop him from withdrawing funds from his bank accounts.

The case was originally filed in 2013, when he was a student at Stirling University, where he was working on a mural for the building.

The case also has a long history of financial difficulties for Mr McInns family.

In October last year, the court ordered the artist to pay more than $1m to the families of his victims, including a $50,000 award for the loss of his life.

However, a judge granted the artist a one-off payment of $300,000, and he is now trying to keep that money in his bank.

In a letter to the court on Friday, Mr McIndoes lawyers argued that the payment should be suspended pending the outcome of the appeal.

Mr McIngnes’ lawyers said the artist should be paid for all of the damages.

The High Court is expected to rule on the appeal within weeks.

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