Julia Fox’s baby music is the stuff of legend: How her babies have influenced artists and songwriters for decades

The name Julia Fox might conjure up images of an all-American, child-loving baby-daddy.

But the 32-year-old is no stranger to music.

She has been a singer, songwriter, producer and producer of children’s music for decades, and she’s also an accomplished composer.

As the youngest child of music legend, Julia has helped shape generations of child stars, including Alicia Keys, T-Pain, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Justin Bieber.

Julia is also a prolific author, with over a dozen books and two collections of childrens music.

Here’s a look at her career.


Julia Fox, born Jan. 23, 1984, in Washington, D.C. 2.

She’s been a baby-singer since she was three.


Her career took off with a series of albums released by Warner Music in the early 2000s.

Fox’s “Amber and Her Little Sister” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and has since sold over 4 million copies.


Julia was born Julia Fox.

Her mother was an opera singer and opera teacher.

Her father was an American-born composer and singer who studied classical music and composition.


Julia has been credited with helping shape generations: In 2009, she was named “The Artist of the Year” by the American Music Awards.


She is credited with inspiring some of the most celebrated child-songs: “My Little Sister,” the hit song of Lady Gaga and T-Minus the Kardashians, is one of her most popular hits.

Her husband, singer/songwriter and producer Julian Casablancas, has also collaborated with her.


Her children are some of her biggest fans: The twins are best known as Lady Gaga’s children.

She named her first child, Julia, after her mother’s favorite actress, actress Julia Roberts.


She gave birth to a daughter named Olivia, who is now eight months old.


She also has two daughters, Tiana and Alyssa, and a son named Alex.


Her son and daughter-in-law, Daniel Fox, wrote and recorded “Little Sister” with her, and has collaborated with Julia on “Alyssa and the Lion.”


Julia also produced the hit “Candy.”


She and her daughter- in-law have produced a number of successful children’s movies: “Crazy Little Monster,” a comedy starring Lady Gaga in which Julia plays a cat-loving little sister, has grossed more than $200 million and earned Julia an Oscar nomination.


Julia released a series on Netflix of her songs with an animated film, “Little Baby,” in 2011.


Julia co-founded the Julia Fox Children’s Music Foundation with her daughter and partner, Julian Casabalancas.


She collaborated with the Beatles on “I Want You to Come Home.”


She co-wrote the song “I Got You Babe” with Madonna, which is featured in her latest album, “Tilted Tear.”


Julia wrote a children’s book with her son and producer Daniel Fox called “Little Child.”

It is called “Julia’s Baby.”


She released a book about her career, “Baby.”

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