‘Frozen’ writer and producer Anna Torv, ‘Star Wars’ producer George Lucas and ‘The Avengers’ director Joss Whedon are among the most prolific songwriters in pop history

MOTOWN ARTISTAN AARON TORV: “I’m always thinking of this thing called the Beatles, who were such a great band, and what’s so amazing about them is that they were all so talented songwriters and they were able to write a lot of music, and they did a lot with it.”

So the Beatles are so great, and there’s this thing about their songs, it just comes together.

JON GRIMM: That’s exactly right.

I mean, that’s kind of what the Beatles did, is write a song, and then, boom, they did it.

TORV: And the way that they did that is they had to be incredibly inventive and creative in terms of the melodies, and it’s not like you just put your hand in and say, ‘This is the song.’

They did this really creative thing where they had the Beatles and they put their own spin on it.

And then they had this band of producers, like George Lucas, who made a lot more music than just songs.

They created a lot, too.

GRIMM, ON AUGUST 21: They were a very inventive, creative band.

TORV (in studio): The Beatles were, you know, a little bit ahead of us.


TORVs creative process, in my opinion, was one of the best of its time.

GRIME: I think the Beatles were a great creative band, too, and I think that’s why they were such great songwriters.

TORVS creative process was different from what we have now.

They didn’t make music for themselves, they made music for a bigger audience, and a big audience has to have a certain amount of songwriting ability, and so it was a different way to approach the art of song writing.

GRAMI: So you have to be very creative?

TORVs process, I mean that’s a big part of what makes music great.

GRUMMS: Absolutely.

So, that was part of it.

But you have also to be able to use that process for your own entertainment.

TORVAIS: That’s right.

GRAMA: I would say that one of our best songs was “We Are The World,” the one that we recorded in Los Angeles and we recorded it at the studios of the record company.

It was really important to us, it was our only real songwriting session with that album.

And we wanted to make sure that we got a song that would work for us, so we were able really to be a little more artistic and put ourselves out there in front of the people and the studio.

And that was really hard to do because we’re all so creative and we all had to think about what we were going to write and who we were writing it for.

So that was very important to me, because it meant that I could be a bit more free.

And I was free to do what I wanted to do.

But that’s what I was doing for a long time.

I think it was, in a way, one of my best albums.

GROM: That was one I think, when I first heard that song, I thought, Oh my God, this song could not possibly be that good.

I’ve heard some really good albums by the Beatles before, but this one was different.

It’s a very emotional, very emotional record.

And so, I remember hearing it, thinking, It’s really interesting, because the Beatles had an enormous amount of music.

It has a lot to do with the music that they played, but it’s really about their own emotional journeys.

And, you’re really in this relationship with the songs, and you’re always thinking about how you’re going to make it work for your music.

TORVEV: The Beatles, it turns out, really liked to write about life, and we know that because, you see, there’s a whole series of books that you could listen to, and that was one that they loved.

They loved to write these wonderful autobiographies about their lives.

And one of them, called A Song For Andy Warhol, is about how Andy Warhook came up in the music business, and he really wrote about how his father would be a good salesman.

So he was, you’ve got this really great idea about how to make your life better.

And Andy Warhand, he really was a great salesman, and, you don’t have to have an education to be successful.

You just have to put in the work, and his father’s a good guy, you get this kind of story and you know it’s true.

And it really resonated with them.

And there was this really powerful thing about being able to talk about this life, the

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