Hecharez de los artistes en los nuevas americanas

Hechazar de los artists en los Nuevas Americanas, a website dedicated to Latin American artists, reports that the majority of artists in the region are Mexicans.In addition, the website lists several Hispanic-American artists who are working in New York, including Guillermo Soler, who works in architecture.According to the website, the artistes in the United States […]

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How to Make Music Without A Record Label, Or Just About Any Other Source Blogger title How To Make Music With A Record Company Without A Label, For The Very Good Of Yours, In A Single Step

In the United States, the idea of signing a record company is generally considered a sign of a certain amount of talent, but the reality is that it is often just as much about money as it is about quality.That said, many aspiring artists are willing to put in the work to secure a contract […]

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What’s Next for Female Artists?

With the arrival of the new year, female artists are looking to diversify their portfolio, and there are a number of new female artists being touted as the next big thing.These artists are coming in a few different forms, with some being self-taught and some being established artists, and they all have a clear goal […]

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How to play dubstep in Spotify

The new streaming service Spotify has unveiled its first official playlist for dubstep music, featuring a list of more than 300 artists.The new playlist, titled Dubstep on Spotify, includes more than 100 different artists including the likes of dubstep producers, artists and DJs.Dubstep is a genre of dance music, usually consisting of the use of […]

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