Which artist’s name will be featured on your next poster?

Artist Jamey Johnson is one of the best known black artists in America.

He’s an artist who’s been known to make a statement about race in America and also as a leader in the African American community.

In recent years, Johnson has been featured on several billboards around the country.

Johnson has had a career spanning the last three decades, with his work spanning the globe.

He started out as a painter and illustrator, then moved on to designing for a range of brands, including Nike, McDonald’s, and the Gap.

Johnson’s work has always been very relevant to the current social issues that we’re dealing with today, and he’s also made waves by making provocative statements about his own race.

In his book, ‘The Art of Jameys Blackface’, Johnson wrote about how he’s not afraid to speak his mind, even when he feels uncomfortable.

In an interview with NBC, Johnson discussed how he felt when he saw a billboard on the streets of New York, but the artist felt the billboard was insensitive.

The artist then spoke with The New York Post about the controversy, and how he doesn’t believe people should take the billboard down because he feels it’s a commentary on race.

“People should think twice before they do that because I don’t think that is a very good thing to do,” Johnson said.

“When I see billboards on the street, I can tell by their design that they are talking about race and it’s really offensive to me.”

I’m going to fight it.

I’m going do what I can do to make sure it’s not allowed in the future.

“Johnson’s message of love and acceptance resonates with black Americans, and his work has made headlines in the past.

In 2016, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with the group of artists called the Artists for Justice.

Johnson says he’s been asked to appear on multiple billboards throughout the United States.

He also plans to take part in the 2016 Oscars, and will be one of five artists who will be nominated for best black artists.

Johnson is the creator of the famous blackface portrait that has become a national icon.

The portrait was created in 1971, and is seen by many as a symbol of black pride.

It’s been used on billboards in New York and in cities across the country for years.

Johnson, who lives in Atlanta, told ABC News he’s looking forward to the opportunity to promote his work on billboards around America.

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