When the cat’s out of the bag: ‘I’m a vegetarian’

I want to know if you want to be the best.

I am a vegetarian, not because I am a carnivore.

I just eat a lot.

I’m not vegetarian for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

I have never felt threatened by the concept of vegetarianism.

It is a personal choice.

I can be a vegetarian.

I like to eat meat, eggs and dairy products.

My main dish is fish and chips.

I don’t like to cook, I just prefer to have it.

The only thing I can cook for dinner is rice and pasta.

I don’t cook meat.

I love cooking and am constantly looking for a way to improve my cooking.

If there is a dish that I really enjoy and it is not meat-based, I won’t cook it.

I am not against vegetarianism but I am against eating meat.

If a dish is vegetarian but it does not look like meat, I will not eat it.

When I see a vegan cook on TV, I try to make a vegan version.

I have a very clean vegetarian diet.

I only eat what I need.

My meal consists of vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts and seeds.

I make sure to have enough protein.

I avoid meat and fish.

I love the smell of a good bowl of rice.

I also like the aroma of a sweet and creamy soup.

I do not like dairy products in my diet.

I only eat meat when I am feeling hungry.

I will eat meat if I need to.

I won of course avoid it if it is a meal that I would like to avoid.

I eat meat for breakfast and lunch.

I usually eat rice, vegetables, rice and other grains.

I rarely have fish or eggs.

I enjoy eating fish and eggs, but I do eat fish in moderation.

I know that the amount of fish you eat in a day depends on the amount that you eat.

Fish are very healthy and if you eat a fish every day, you will have a healthy fish.

I prefer to eat a meal of rice and vegetables every day.

I do not consider myself to be a vegan.

But, I am aware of the importance of vegetarian eating.

I would love to make the transition to a vegan diet and will continue to support those who do.

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