‘Shattered’ Artist to Produce First Original Album, ‘Pulse’ and ‘Invisible’ as Part of New York Festival

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Feb 12, 2019) – Shattered will release its first full length album, Pulse, and its first new album, Invisible, in spring 2019.

The duo is currently working on the first album from the new project, which is being produced by acclaimed electronic producer and longtime collaborator, Paul Banks.

The album is a combination of original songs, new songs and ambient sounds inspired by Banks’ art.

Shattered’s latest studio album, In the Realm of the Ocean, is out March 3 via Lighthouse Records.

The LP features a song called “The Starving Artist,” which features Banks as a downtrodden artist who struggles with hunger.

The track is inspired by the experience of struggling to survive in a world of starvation and poverty.

Shatters latest studio effort, In The Realm of The Ocean, was recorded with an original song written by Banks and produced by Paul Banks on a song that Banks described as “The most challenging record I’ve ever written.”

Banks said he was inspired by “the experience of being on the verge of starvation in a crowded and hostile environment.

I wanted to create an album that was so emotionally evocative, so uplifting, and I wanted it to be very accessible to anybody who was in a similar situation.”

Shattered previously released a solo EP, Broken.

The record included the songs “Shattered” and “Unhappy,” which were recorded in a garage studio and were included on a compilation of Banks’ music.

Shattered is currently touring, recording and touring under Banks’ “Lighthouse” label.

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