How to create a female-driven music business card and card design

The woman behind the popular Female Artist Music Card business card is now on the verge of a new wave of growth after selling her company to a global brand agency.

Sandra McLean, a former graphic designer who started her own design company called Design Me, says her latest card will be the first of its kind in the United States and will be featured at events.

“We are not just going to have a women’s card,” McLean told The Associated Press.

“It’s going to be a business card that celebrates women artists, female creators, female artists, and their stories.”

McLean said she has been overwhelmed by the response from customers and sponsors and is confident her design will resonate with those who purchase her business cards.

The new design will feature a new color scheme and be printed on glossy stock.

It is expected to be launched in the U.S. and Canada this fall.

McLean is no stranger to the design world.

She has previously worked on women-centric business cards for businesses such as Target and JCPenney.

She is the co-founder and creative director of the Women in Design & Designers Association, an organization that promotes women-centered design, business cards and marketing in the design and branding world.

“I think the business card has a lot of appeal to the general consumer, as well as women who are looking to buy something that will make them feel empowered,” she said.

“The business card will showcase women as creators, not just as consumers.

It’s a way to say ‘we’re all in this together.'”

In order to sell the business cards McLean has to raise $3 million to cover the costs of the new design.

Her new design is designed to appeal to those who are interested in women and the industry, said McLean.

“When you look at the business, you look for the best in it, and if we can show women artists and creatives that they are making a real difference, then we have the potential to be successful,” she added.

Mclean said she is currently in talks with sponsors for the card, and will begin making cards for international events this fall, with a goal to have them available in time for the Super Bowl.

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