Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert and the most important person in the world

Donald Trump and Stephen Colbert have become the most popular American comedians of all time.

The two-time Emmy-winning host and the Emmy-nominated Colbert have been on the air for nearly six decades, making them the only two American entertainers to have appeared on multiple episodes of The Late Show and the Colbert Report.

Both men are also two of the most-loved and most-followed celebrities on the planet.

They have been the subject of over 2.6 billion social media posts and nearly 9 billion videos since 2016.

Their popular shows have been shared more than 20 million times on Twitter alone.

But the American public has also embraced their political and social commentary.

As the 2016 election progressed, the two comedians took aim at political figures, politicians, the media, and a variety of other topics.

They often delivered insightful and entertaining commentary, which drew viewers and listeners alike.

For example, in the first week of March, they hosted a panel discussion titled, “Why Trump Is Wrong: Trump Is A Fraud.”

Trump and Colbert have also been known to hold their own live-streamed live shows, including the 2016 Comedy Central roast of their co-host, Jimmy Fallon, in which Trump delivered a scathing critique of his political rivals.

During a December 2016 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Trump said, “He’s like, ‘What is this thing called politics?'”

Colbert then replied, “It’s not a political thing, Stephen.

It’s a business thing.

You know, you have to have a certain level of self-awareness.”

In another segment, Colbert said, “[T]here’s a guy who says to me, ‘Well, if I tell you I’m going to go down and kill this guy, what’s the point?'”

In another video, Trump said of former President Obama, “If you don’t believe it, you’re lying.”

Colbert has also become an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ community, which he and Trump have both been vocal critics of.

In 2016, Colbert and Trump spoke out against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have included a requirement that countries like Japan and Vietnam sign the trade agreement.

The agreement has since been withdrawn.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump called Colbert and Colbert “a bunch of clowns,” “idiots,” and “faggots,” and said, he would not allow a Colbert appearance on his television program because the comedian would “suck my dick.”

In an August 2016 interview with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, Colbert addressed Trump’s statements about women, saying, “I’m not a feminist, because it’s not my thing to be.

You have to be a guy, Trevor.

That’s what I am.”

In 2016 and 2017, Colbert was also among the first celebrities to criticize Donald Trump’s campaign for racism, and said that Trump is a racist because he’s not black.

“You know, it’s true that some of the things that he said, like the birther thing, he said it because of the color of his skin, which I’m a big proponent of,” Colbert said.

“I’ve said that about him, and I’m not going to stop now.”

Colbert also criticized Trump for retweeting an anti-Muslim video, which was later deleted.

“If Donald Trump thinks that he’s going to get away with all of the awful things that you see him doing, he’s got to get over it,” Colbert told Noah.

“Because you’re the one that’s going down.

You’re the person who has to be accountable for that.”

On Wednesday, June 25, 2017, at 6:00 a.m., Stephen Colbert hosted a live-broadcast of his annual Colbert Report, featuring the first-ever live interview with the late-night host, a special edition of The Daily Mail, a weekly email newsletter, and the weekly satirical weekly satire magazine The Onion.

Colbert was joined by a team of top talent including Jon Stewart, James Corden, Aasif Mandvi, Chris Hardwick, and Chris Hardaway, as well as other notable late-show guests.

In the clip, Colbert explained the purpose of his show, and he also offered his take on Trump, including his belief that the Republican presidential nominee is a fraud and is a con man.

Colbert also discussed the role of political correctness in the United States, which is “totally broken,” and he noted that the “world is in a state of chaos.”

Colbert said that he had received death threats after he announced he was dropping The Daily News, which has long been considered a conservative publication.

Colbert has been the target of violent threats from people who believe he is a Muslim, a woman, or a leftist.

The American people are ready to listen to him, Colbert told The Daily Beast.

“What you need is a real audience, and that’s what we’ve got. That means

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