When Trump says, ‘I’m the president,’ it’s a lie, but it’s not a lie about his presidency

“The fact is, when President Trump says he’s the president, he’s not the president.

He’s president of the United States.

The fact is we have a president who’s not really president.”

The fact that the president has never held any political office, or been a candidate, and has never had any formal training in politics, the former senator and presidential candidate said.

And it’s why he was shocked and appalled when President Obama said in January, when Trump tweeted that he “can be president, I can run, I’ll be president,” the president is president of his party.

“I don’t think that’s true,” said Cruz, who ran against Obama in 2016 for the Republican nomination.

“There’s a lot of things that are true, and there are some things that aren’t true, but that doesn’t mean the president doesn’t have the power to be president.”

While Trump has continued to claim he is the president despite the fact that he is no longer running for office, the Cruz campaign has been using a number of tweets to push back against his rhetoric and attack the president on multiple fronts.

In late March, the campaign published an online op-ed titled, “I’m president of my party, but Trump isn’t president of this party.”

The Cruz campaign also published an op-eds titled, ‘Let’s put this out there’: A call to put our party back on track, in late April, and an op, titled, President Trump, we are the majority and we need you to lead, in early May.

And last week, the organization released an op titled, The American Dream, in which it called for the impeachment of the president for violating the constitutional and statutory powers of office, and said that Trump should be investigated by the Justice Department for violating campaign finance laws.

Cruz also took aim at Trump for not holding public events and saying he’s “not president of any party.”

“President Trump is not president of Republicans,” Cruz said in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“He is president, to some degree, of the Democratic Party.

But he’s never held a political office or been involved in any political party.

He is president and he’s president.””

The fact of the matter is he is president,” he added.

“And he has no real role in any party.

So I think that that is a very troubling fact of his presidency.”

Cruz said he will continue to call on the president to stand up for conservative values, such as defending the rule of law, standing up for constitutional principles and maintaining the separation of powers.

“We need to stand behind the president,” Cruz continued.

“I mean, I think the president can be president and I don’t know if he has the power or if he does, but he is President of the Republicans.

So that is why we have to stand for the values of the Republican Party.”

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