What the hell is this thing?

By the time it came out, there was no doubt in my mind that the most popular video on YouTube, “The Artist’s Wife” was a masterpiece.

And yet, the video had a few problems.

It was poorly-edited, with the song’s producer playing a clip of the rapper and his wife playing a song off a DVD, and the video’s title was misleading.

But what I didn’t expect was that it would become a hit, despite the lack of any actual music.

“The artist’s spouse” is a term that has become a shorthand for people who have a musical background, which is what the video was about.

In the video, the songstress is dressed in a maid outfit and she sings about how much she loves her husband.

The video’s narrator, a woman who has recently had a miscarriage, narrates that her husband is “a great singer, and I think he is also a great artist.”

This isn’t a bad thing.

She’s a songwriter, she’s an artist, she has a great voice.

She loves music.

She knows how to make a song.

But that was just the beginning of the video.

A few days later, the YouTube account that had the video featured a short video featuring a man dressed as a woman and holding a baby.

The narrator told the viewer that he is the father of the baby.

He is “the artist,” she said.

He’s also the “artist’s wife.”

The YouTube account’s tagline reads, “If you want to get married and make money with your music, the artist’s husband is the man for you.”

I had never heard of this video before, and my first thought was, Why did this video exist?

There were a few things that made me think about this.

First, it seems that people have been making music about artists in their videos for quite a while.

I know that there are people who use the term “artists” as a term of art, or as a label for what they do.

But “artist” is so vague.

There are a lot of different ways to get an artist’s music on the internet, and many of them don’t necessarily include a musician or a recording artist.

I also found it strange that a video was making so much money for a single artist, especially when a lot more people use the word “artist.”

In a way, the fact that the video is making so little money and getting so much attention is a testament to the fact—as a general rule—that artists are rarely getting their due.

The second thing I thought about was the title of the song.

“Artist’s Wife.”

What the heck is that?

A lot of people use this term, but it has nothing to do with a song that’s actually written.

It’s just an odd word that some people use to describe a female musician or singer.

But the video for “The Man with the Baby” does not refer to the songwriter or the producer.

It refers to the “man with the baby.”

And while the man is actually the producer, he’s also a singer and musician.

So it’s not like he’s the producer or the songwriting genius behind the video; he’s just a performer.

The title is just a marketing gimmick, but the video has a lot to do it.

It seems to be a marketing ploy that the creators of the “The man with the video” video just don’t understand.

They don’t know that most people who watch videos don’t watch them for their music or their songwriting or their video production.

They watch them to get a reaction.

The videos for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Rihinja, Taylor Swift, and more are all making a lot money, and there is no reason for them to make any videos that are not about their music.

And there’s no reason to pretend that this is a “great songwriter” who loves music or her husband because she’s the artist.

But for some reason, people want to associate the artist with their own success.

In fact, they don’t really understand why people like her at all.

I’m a woman, and most of my friends are men, and even my closest friends are women.

I feel a lot less alone when I’m not surrounded by women.

When I watch a video of Beyoncé singing a new song, I know I’m going to see a woman singing her song, because I’m surrounded by a woman.

When Rihanna sings “Don’t Let Me Down,” I’m in the same boat.

I see the same female artist doing her thing.

And when Rihanna sang “Don, Don’t Let” at the Grammys, I’m just sitting there staring at her.

In this video, Beyoncé is doing her part.

And in this video Rihanna is doing hers.

And I think that the fact the video gets so much media attention and the song gets so many

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