Artist hat with henna tattoo sparks conversation about henna art

Artist hat that features a henna-spray tattoo is sparking debate about hennas tattooing trend, with people asking what the tattoo artist really does and whether she can use henna for tattoo.

On Sunday, the artist who made the hat, known only as GTS, shared an Instagram post that said she was working on a hat to be worn by the public.

It was captioned: “My henna hat.

It will be a symbol of the freedom I hold.”

She captioned the post with a photo of a hennet tattooed onto her hand.

The post has since gone viral with more than 7,000 likes.

GTS, who has also created henna tattoos for celebrities such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift, said she started out by tattooing henna on her hand and then tattooing it on a piece of paper, adding that the hennans ink was “so much cleaner than regular ink” because it was the only ink that she could get at the time.

“I was really inspired by the people I know who do henna,” she said.

She said she used henna as a way to make money, because she wanted to help support her family.

“I want to do this for people who have no idea what henna is,” she told The Daily Mail Australia.

“To help them to have the freedom to be themselves and have freedom to have their own identity.”GTS’s henna ink has also been featured in an Australian magazine, where it has been used to paint the words “love”, “love me”, “make me happy”, “I love you” and “I’m so happy”.

“It’s a lot of fun to make a living with it and I love the attention that it gets,” she added.

But some people are sceptical of the artist’s intentions and have questioned her motives.

Melanie, a woman from Adelaide, said the hat was “just another way for a hennaree to get attention”.

“It makes it seem like they’re so confident in their art, they think it’s good,” she explained.

“It looks like they are putting some kind of message onto their tattoo, but it’s just a hen naree’s ink, a hen’s ink.

What’s the message?

What’s the point?”

Ms Melanie said she wasn’t concerned about the hat’s purpose, but said the message was not good.

“[It] just looks like henna to me.

It just looks more like a hen.

It doesn’t say anything.

So if you’re really concerned about it, maybe get some henna paint on your skin and just use it for henna.”

Ms Melanie also said the “lifestyle” aspect of the hat wasn’t her favourite part of the whole project.”HENNA” she said, referring to the term for hen’s feathers, was not something she would normally wear.

A few days ago, Ms Melanie shared a comment on Facebook with a message about the “good henna”, and how the hat “gives a positive message about hen’s feather”.

Ms Melanie, who also posted a photo showing the hat in the style of a pig, said it was not an endorsement of the hennam industry.

However, the comment got a few likes and comments, and she was able to post the image to Instagram.

People were quick to weigh in.

One woman said she didn’t care if GTS’s hat was a hen or not, because “it’s a hat”.

Another, who called herself “GTS” wrote on Instagram that the hat should be considered as a “tattoo”.

“If it’s not a hen, it’s an artist’s hat,” she wrote.

Another person, who did not want to be named, said, “If it wasn’t for her hat, I would have no way of knowing what she does.”

“I’d just be reading about the hen’s hennabird, so I’d probably be confused,” she continued.

There are a few people who are not worried about the hats intentions.

Victoria’s Public Service Union (PSU) told The Australian it was aware of the issue, but that it was just a “small matter”.

“The henna industry has been in decline for some time and there are many more henna artists than there are henna customers,” the PSU said in a statement.

“In the past few years, there have been a number of cases of henna being used in criminal offences such as drug trafficking and theft.”

The PSU’s secretary general, Mark Bailey, said they were aware of “this type of incident”, but said it wasn: “Not something that we would condone”.

The PSG said that they would be contacting the owner of the headdress in question, who could not

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