How to Be An Artistic: Anatomy for Artists

By now, you’ve probably noticed the name Jaden Smith.He’s a celebrity athlete, a celebrity comedian, and a famous actor.His career as an athlete has seen him win multiple championships and is now the subject of a new movie.It was his turn as an actor, as he was cast in the upcoming “American Hustle” movie starring […]

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How to Stop CD Baby

Christian rap artists and their followers are spreading the CD Baby song that is “Christian,” “non-Christian,” and “anti-Christian.”Christian rap artist CD Baby says his song is not meant to promote any religion or political views, but rather a message about the importance of listening to music that is spiritually grounded.CD Baby’s “Christian” and “non Christian” […]

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Which artist is the new star of the moment?

Artem Lobanovsky has been a professional photographer for over 40 years.For years, he was the first person in the world to use digital cameras, and since then, he’s been an inspiration to everyone he’s photographed.His latest series, ‘The Art of Manliness’, has been making waves across the globe.In his new series, Lobanovski takes us behind […]

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Chris Simmons is a tattoo artist in Cleveland, Ohio

Chris Simmons, the former rapper whose name appeared on a $2.5 million tattoo of the late rapper and actress Mary Lambert, is now an artist in the Cleveland area, according to his Instagram account.Simmons, known for his tattoos of the pop-culture icons Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Mary Lambert and Tupac Shakur, tweeted Tuesday that he […]

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How to create a murakama artist: An artist definition

A new definition for artist has emerged online, one that provides guidelines on what it means to be an artist, a way to connect with other artists and help others learn about the craft.The definition, from artist-developer Michael Murakami, has been created by a group of artists working under the name murakumi.Its purpose is to […]

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Frida: The Art of Frida is Dead

Posted September 07, 2018 09:15:36The name Frida might conjure images of the Italian Renaissance painter but it also brings to mind the French philosopher and poet who wrote her first novel, “Il Fagioli”.The new work by Frida Dutroux, a young French artist, will be published on September 12.It will be the first time in more […]

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