I want a tattoo artist. Artist name, tattoo artist,where are you located,where does the tattoo artist live?

I’m looking for an artist to do my tattoo, I need to tattoo the name and hometown of my tattoo artist to be able to tell my story, and I want my tattoo done in the United States of America.Please send me an email at [email protected] with your questions and concerns.I would love to […]

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How to Listen to Country Music’s Female Artists

With a record number of female country music artists joining the ranks of the country music pantheon, the genre is finally seeing the fruits of its labor.On the heels of the release of a new album from the Atlanta-based indie band Black Star, the New York Times reported on Wednesday that the genre’s women are […]

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Why Is The Artist’s Wife So Bad At Movies?

What’s the best thing about being an artist?What are some of the worst things about being a writer?These are questions that artist wife and writer girlfriend Rachel Piven has wrestled with.The couple have written several novels, including their first collaboration with novelist David Foster Wallace, The Pale King, as well as their first novel, The […]

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How to Get Your Favorite Artists to Vote for Donald Trump

If you’re looking for the ultimate vote-getter for Donald J. Trump, look no further than the top artists in the art world.The artist community is, for the most part, well-disposed toward the President-elect.In the weeks leading up to the November 8 election, artists and artists across the country are putting their names to their support […]

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How Tattoo Artist Salary, Jr Artist Salary Could Get You Into The Top 50 Players in the NBA

The number of NBA players with tattoos is growing and more are doing so than ever before.The number rose to over 3.3 million in 2015, according to Sports Illustrated.But there are still a lot of players that don’t have any tattoos, according the Sports Illustrated article.One such player is the NBA’s first-ever first-round pick in […]

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